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Dorie's Starting Out Blog In The Internet Marketing Biz.

March 16,2004 by Dorie My name is Dorie Boeye, A 8 Years Affiliate Marketer. I like the working at home, with a lifestyle that has given me, to afford some of the things that I would like to buy. Plus spending quality time with my family and friends.
I have gotten here because I was looking for a change, and I knew that Internet Marketing was the way to go. I have worked in a Pharmacy for 12 years and which in 2006 I have gotten my Pharmacy Technicians Certificate. And still work there. I have worked in a Bakery and a Resterant for 28 years. Working the short order and fast food section, and cashier and many
others various jobs. Out of the 28 yeras 25 years were managerial in various settings within the Bakery and Resterant. Which in the end will assist me in my Internet Marketing venture.. With all that I have learned over the years will assist me in every way.
I am sekking this ventuer to make changes in my life for the better and to become more financialy stalbe. I started checking sites out one by one, seeing what each one had to offer, each one had different ,affiliate programs to join.
I did this for about 6 months, than I came across Global Domain International, and it caught my eye, so I checked it out. I joined, Became an affiliate and begain to promote GDI, but didn't do so good, with the autoresponder that I was useing, So than this,new promotion came along, and sounded good, with a high tech responder, and you guess, I joined, That's were I meet Ryan Wade, Ryan has helped me in a lot of ways. To tell you the truth he is one of my Mentoers. But I was still no getting were I wanted to go get out GDI. But before I had left I had come across a website that was for sale, So I had checked it out, and it was from Bram Smith, Which I had know of the name from GDI. I had seen it in the news letters, So more or less I knew who he was. So I bought the site, and that's how I became affiliated with Bram Smith. So for me since I was on both Ryan's and Bran's email list we always kept in touch.
After I left GDI, I moved on to Plug-In-Profit Site , Complete Money Making Site Free Set Up, with Evens Stone, as my mentor, and trainer of the site.. I was affiliate with this site and it is a good site promotes 6 sites in one, It's alot of work but if you stick with if, you can learn alot.
I was also a member of Mentor web site, which is a site to help discover the different ways to make money on the Internet. Also help explain some of the sites and how they work, because not everyone knows everything about the good and bad of the sites. Ryan and Bram Explain some of there shortcuts and the best way to do internet marketing.
I am the Mother of 2 Great Sons. The oldest live with me and the younget is married with 2 beuatiful children a boy and a girl.
The youngets one has just come home from Iraq about 4 monthes ago, he was there for a year while his wife and children were living in Pennsylvania
But know he is back home to stay.
I hope soon to go internet marketing full time, and Never have to go to work out of the House again.
[You Can Hav Everything You Want In Life If You Only Help One Person In Life Get What.]
Have A Great Day
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